Vision & Mission

Welcome to Reekers Wonen.
A company created by love and passion for real estate and entrepreneurship. Also by years of experience in real estate and dealing with people. People at first, then customers. In today's business we sometimes might forget doing business with people and that's exactly the thing we want to avoid.

Our mission is also to be involved with your feelings as a human, we want to know how you feel about a property and your sense of feeling about the term 'living'. What does te word 'living' means to you? This is something that matters to us. If you know what 'living' means to you then we would like to share this with you to start getting a part from it. We wish too, because in addition to commitment, we would like to take our responsibility to assist you in finding the right accommodation or making the right decisions when you want to rent or buy a house or sell or let your property. Perhaps 'living' even means for you that you want to live outside of the Netherlands or Europe and that we can help manage your property that remains. With our knowledge, strength, personalized service and a variety of services we want to achieve this and we want to help invest in your future. That is our mission. Your future, our future.

The latter of what is written above is related to our vision, the future prospects of the company. The following pillars set our course:

  • First of all, we pursue continuous personal service to all of our customers and a 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We want to continue offering our services and where possible expand to an even wider audience.
  • We want all house seekers to find a suitable home and in cooperation with our partners we want to be part of our customers home, worldwide. 
  • Every day we work to create a better future.
  • We will continuously develop and create new ways of doing business with the aim of increasing the size of our company.

'Destination is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.'